oh my first

so this is my first blog post.  haha. 

im in a weird mood today.  i have been for a few weeks.  my head is actually dizzy.  life is down right now.  things just swril around in my head.  i have so much to say but i cant form the words.  there are things i know i need to talk about but im not ready.  it would be so weird for someone to know.  how would they look at me.  what would they think of me.  who should i tell.  everyone leaves.  everyone leaves


About redandgone

Im 28, female, from the pittsburgh area. kinda. im into all kinda of art and bounce around between the different genuras. i cant spell to save my life but i like to think i have some intelligence. i like tangable things. tangable art expression. i almost never use brushes when i paint, its all fingers. i like to feel what im doing. sometimes i feel things too much, like having no emotional skin. but...life goes on! good days and bad, i am happy to be here!
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